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Granny Glasgow Education and Care
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Frequently asked questions

Child Care Subsidy Activity Test- go to or visit the local Centrelink office.

Example with 85% Child Care Subsidy.

As at January 2022 daily Childcare fees are $116.00 per day. With Maximum Child Care Subisy of 85% the daily fee charged to the Parent is $22.33 per day.


Your eligibility for Child Care Subsidy will be determined by Centrelink when the Activity Test at is completed. 





  • How do I edit my site?
    You can edit your site by clicking the Edit Site tab located at the top.

  • How do I upload an image?
    Upload images to your site by clicking Edit over an image on your site. Then select the Browse button, find the image on your computer and select Open, then press Upload.

  • How do I get my own .com name
    You can register your own name by going to Setup Web Address under the Home tab.

  • How long does my trial last and do I need to give you a credit card to try the service?
    Your trial period lasts 10 days. You do not have to give us a credit card to use the trial.

About us

We are a not-for-profit, parent managed, community based Early Education Childcare Centre located in Carnarvon, Western Australia

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Granny Glasgow Education and Care
15 Butcher Street
Carnarvon WA 6701
08 9941 1398
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